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Professional Experience

Yolley Thomas-Kalos is an accountant who combines extensive experience with a wide range of abilities. Working in Los Angeles for 20 yrs her engagements included offering services to a diverse spectrum of clients from individual needs, independent contractors, business owners, small to medium-sized companies, nonprofit organizations as well as various artists and musicians from the entertainment industry.  In addition, she's been working in Accounting / Finance in Australia for 13 years. 

Well equipped with a Masters in

Business Administration, a degree in Accounting and a registered and licensed tax agent, Yolley is able to provide the ideal accounting package which includes a versatility with MYOB and Quickbooks’ accounting packages software.

Offering a positive and enthusiastic approach, Yolley’s track record and the various testimonies to her work ethic affirm her abilities to provide personalized service while simultaneously being reliable and efficient.  With an academic history of Business Management /Administration theory in the United States Yolley has gained substantial skills in understanding private and public institutions. 

Additionally, her postgraduate work in Business and Accounting aptly demonstrate the knowledge and abilities required to work with information sets, data, information theory and statistics at institutional levels.  With a wealth of experience and having worked internationally with a diverse range of people, cultures and backgrounds, Yolley’s qualifications have been to put to excellent use both in the US and Australia.

Who we are

If you choose to be plan-managed, look no further.  We’re the answer you’ve been looking for. YTKNCO, a small accounting and tax organization, is extending its services to include NDIS Plan Managing.
How does it work?
A Plan Manager is funded in your plan and must be an NDIS registered provider. They claim directly from the budgets in your plan to pay your providers on your behalf. 
If you choose US as your Plan Manager, we will:
  • Pay your providers timely for the supports you purchased
  • Help you keep track of your funds
  • Take care of financial reporting for you
  • We can also help you choose your providers. depending on your circumstances
Our procedures are as follow:
    • You or your provider submits an invoice to us
    •  Invoices will be forwarded to you (if your provider didn’t copy you in the email they send us)
    • We will submit payment requests to NDIS
    • NDIS will pay providers through us if the payment requests are successful
    • We will make payment to your providers and
    • email remittance advice to confirm payment

Organized and Efficient

"Yolley is very efficient and effective.  When you forget, she won't.  Your business needs an accountant and you can't get any better than her.  She’s been there for me from start, over 3 years now.  And everything is going smoothly.  I enthusiastically recommend her".

A. Latti


Let’s Start Working Together!

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