A. Latti

"Yolley is very efficient and effective.  When you forget, she won't.  Your business needs an accountant and you can't get any better than her.  She’s been there for me from start, over 3 years now.  And everything is going smoothly.  I enthusiastically recommend her".

Joe Casey
President of Motion Media Productions

“Yolley is highly reliable and punctual. She’s a very charming, focused and determined individual. She’ll be a valuable asset to any organization”.

“Yolley is a very conscientious, hard working individual. She managed two large programs worth $500 million dollars. Her workload consisted of high volume activity with a short turn around. She’s an added value to any organization”.

Donald Clow
Accounting Manager, CSC

David Eslinger
Project Manager, Dept. of Justice

“Yolley worked with me on a major project with the U.S. Treasury’s Consolidated Data Network for 3 years. She’s one of these people that can always be counted on when it gets tough and will put in the long hours. Continuously dependable, flexible, data accurate and always with a smile”.

Karine Logue

“Yolley is always available and accessible for any questions. She’s prompt and effective in the handling of technicalities of managing business matters and the taxes for a small, self-run, artistic businesses (not everyone understands the weirdness that is the biz of acting) I totally stand by her and I highly recommend her services.  She’s an invaluable asset to me”.

“Yolley is great.  She’s been handling my business affairs for over 5 years. She negotiated and reduced my back taxes with the IRS by 40%. She’s helped me with my financial dealings and now thanks to her, I’ve got a nice retirement saving account”.

Theodore Crisell
Business Executive

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